Nikolai Slavov


December 05, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Almost everything we do needs resources of some kind. Having more resources generally makes it easier to accomplish our goals. Some resources not only facilitate our goals but are essential for accomplishing them. Thus, resources can set limits on what we can and cannot hope to achieve.

The danger is that those limits may loom larger in our perceptions than they actually are. Some barriers set by limited resources may be insurmountable. Other barriers increase the activation energy but leave options for creative strategies to overcome them. That is the space in which resourcefulness can make a difference. That is the space in which Davids have a fighting chance against Goliaths. It is a space that enlarges when we focus on our sphere of influence and ask the question: What are the feasible strategies given our limited resources?

Competing with limited resources is difficult, but the difficulty should not discourage us. If we are discouraged, we lose our fighting chance, our chance to succeed. A discouragement makes the energy barrier even higher; it compounds the barrier with self-limiting beliefs. We can look at the tall mountain and be inspired rather than discouraged, inspired to try and scale it knowing the risks involved. 

When we try and fail, our limited resources are likely to have contributed to the failure. Sometimes, they might be the key contribution. Still, I have found it counterproductive to look for explanations outside of my sphere of influence. I would rather ask: What could I have done differently within my constraints? What are the lessons I can learn from that experience beyond feeling sorry for not being more privileged? How can I be more resourceful in the future so that I have a better chance to enjoy the vista at the mountaintop?